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New Products



Memento Lux

Memento Lux pads


Made by Tsukineko

• Mixed media ink for use on any porous surface; permanent on fabric when heat set
Available in 24 colors similar to the Memento line
A great ink for paper projects as well as mixed media
Relatively fast drying for a pigment ink
• Highly fade resistant

Kaleidacolor logodd


Made by Tsukineko

• Innovative sliding palette keeps colors from bleeding together
• In four new colors: (l to r) Denim, Vineyard, Tomato Vine, and Tahiti

New Kaleidacolor palettes





Made by Tsukineko

• Exquisite metallic gold ink that will not tarnish or loose its luster
Dries quickly on porous papers
Metallic results are most stunning without heat embossing
Great alternative to gold leafing!
• Inkers now available



Made by imagine crafts

• Fireworks! creates colorful, sparkly and shimmery effects on both light and dark papers
• Available in 24 colors, all complimentary to Memento colors
• Easy to use and quick drying on most paper surfaces
• Water based, acid free and non-toxic
• 0.5 fl. oz. spray bottle







GlazOn Trio

Made by imagine crafts

NOW available in 3 finishes- Original, Matea and Vintage!
Layer protectant for StazOn inks- layer your StazOn inks without bleeding or muddiness when using more than one StazOn ink color in a project.
Great for use on non-porous objects such as dominoes, acrylic, glass, paper craftsk, etc.
• Water based, acid free and non-toxic
• 0.5 fl. oz. bottle

GlazOn Techniques Download the GlazOn How To Technique Sheet
GlazOn Project #1 GlazOn Project #1: Layering StazOn inks on metal dog tags


GooseBumps Trio

Made by imagine crafts

NOW available in 3 finishes- Original, Matte and Shimmer!
GooseBumps texture spray adds unique speckled texture with the press of a spray button!
Easily enhances crafting projects of many kinds and is perfect for "resist" techniques.
Water based, acid free and non-toxic
2 fl. oz spray bottle

GooseBumps How To Technique Sheet
Goosebumps Project #1 GooseBumps Project #1: Resist Technique using brass stencils


Made by imagine crafts

Use to apply a variety of mediums and inks for a splash of color, shading or rich backgrounds
Maintains shape when saturated
Washable and re-usable
8 pieces per package

StazOn Opaque

Made by Tsukineko

StazOn Opaques

Introducing two new colors to the StazOn Opaque collection
Designed for non-porous surfaces
Opaque alternatives to StazOn Jet Black and Timber Brown
Another great addition for stamping and coloring metal
jewelry pieces, acrylic albums, polymer clay and more!

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